How does Elementor pay as you go work?

At any other webhosting plan you will buy a fixed amount of site storage. Site storage is needed to store your content, images and other website files.

It is often the case that the site storage amount is quite big. Therefore you are paying for something you do not need!

And .. in the case of a full site storage, your site may stop functioning at any moment in time!

Elementor pay as you go is the solution

We have analyzed the storage usage of our customers and noticed that normally they do not need 5 GB of site storage. Based on this finding we have prepared special plans based on what you really need. Therefore we have plans with as low as 1 or 3 GB of site storage!

We will automatically check if you are using over 85 % of the storage and will notify you. Are you using 95 % (or more)? We will automatically upgrade, so that you do not have to worry about a thing and .. most important: your site will keep working.

Frequently asked questions

Does it come with email hosting as well?

Email hosting is highly specialized hosting. We therfore recommend using Google suite for international or Mihosnet for Dutch customers.

What are the payment methods?

Starting with a plan is a one time 1 euro payment (via bank or creditcard) to verify you starting the subscription. After that we will take care of automatic payments. No high fees, only what you need, each month.

Does it come with a free migration service?

Our service is a monthly service instead of a yearly one. Therefore we cannot offer a free migration service. We highly recommend using the plugin ‘All in one migration’, to hire a webmaster or to contact us for a quote.

What does a domain name cost?

International names such as .com .net and .org costs (exc VAT) € 15 yearly. Other extensions are available, do ask us about the current prices.

Are you related or affiliated with Elementor Ltd. ?

No we are not. We are a label of the fine folks of

What is the official Elementor site?

Where can I buy Elementor Pro?

At (direct affiliate link)

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